Auto Accident, ER… What’s Next?

Chiropractic Treatment after an Auto Accident? A person’s first instinct after an auto accident is usually to get checked out at a local Emergency Room. Since our chiropractic office is located in Bridgeton, Missouri we most commonly see patients after going to the DePaul Hospital Emergency Room. The ER is a good approach, if you suspect something

How Should I Sleep???

How Should I  Sleep? A common question in our office is “How should I sleep?” Assuming you have a medium-to-firm mattress and no underlying conditions creating limitations, I generally recommend one of two positions, either sleeping on your back or your side. This is where you can skip the rest of the reading and just

The importance of managing your own low back pain.

The importance of managing your own low back pain. Low back pain is the number one reason a person seeks chiropractic care. We see a myriad of low back pain patients each and every day in our office. Often times, their pain is related to nothing more than their activities of daily living or repetitive