Meet Rachael:

Acupuncture, paralysis, bells palsyRachael, 24, had been struck by a car while walking across the street in her
hometown a few months prior to visiting Smart Pain Solutions in Clayton. As anyone would expect from being hit by a car, her injuries were extensive! They included a
temporal skull fracture, concussion, wrist fracture and contusions to her left quad and thigh. Her skull fracture also resulted in a perforated eardrum, which was causing her to experience fluttering in her ear.

By the time Rachael reached our office many of her issues had improved however she was still having some very noticeable problems . At her first visit she had difficulty chewing and moving the left side of her jaw. She could not close her left eyelid all the way and she was unable to raise her left eyebrow or smile on the left side of her face. In short, Rachael was experiencing left sided facial nerve paralysis. Having exhausted most of her other options, Rachael was looking for anything to help accelerate the recovery of her facial muscles and nerves. 

Armed with a thorough history, Dr. Amanda went to work applying our QAPE Method of diagnosing and treating to Rachael’s case. She questioned, assessed, planned and executed. The initial plan consisted of a trial of care for approximately two weeks. If acupuncture was not proving beneficial after a few visits, Dr. Amanda likely would have needed to pivot to another modality. Lucky for Rachael, she started seeing results within a few days. 

After one visit she was enthusiastically shocked that she could actually feel the sensation of the needles going into her skin. In just a couple more weeks there was a drastic improvement with her mouth functions. Within a month and a half Rachael had concluded her last treatment. She is now fully able to smile and speak with ease, which is partially evident in her before and after pictures. Dr. Amanda also treated a scar stemming from the accident on her left leg with acupuncture. In addition to the dramatic improvements with Rachael’s facial function, she is starting to feel sensation through her left thigh and scar, along with noticeable decrease in the indentation of visible scar tissue.

Acupuncture, low back pain, headachesWhile we can’t always explain the direct causation of every individual’s recovery, the correlation between Rachael’s care under Dr. Amanda and her recovery are hard to ignore. Over the last decade there has been a lot of credible research on the efficacy of acupuncture and more are being released every month. In short, acupuncture needles stimulate the nerves to start firing again by promoting the body’s natural healing response. This occurs when the needles activate an inflammatory response in the specific areas they are placed. This is what ultimately triggers a targeted healing response by the brain.  

Once again, no one is trying to claim acupuncture can cure every ailment on the planet. We are just happy to be able to help such a great patient. We are very appreciative of Rachael for allowing us to contribute to her recovery and share her story. 

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