Chiropractic Treatment and Concussions

Chiropractic Treatment and Concussions A while back I was providing Sports Medicine services for a group of Mixed Martial Arts/ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters.  This was just a standard sparring practice on a Sunday afternoon rather than a more intensive training for an upcoming event.  They were going “half speed” and wearing pads and head

Text Neck, The Sequel

Text Neck, The Sequel. We got such a great response from our previous blog “Tips to Reverse Text-Neck” that we produced the sequel. We believe the reason this particular blog was so popular is because so many people now suffer from electronic use- related neck pain. In fact, some would even call it a modern

Acupuncture in Clayton MO

Headaches- There is a solution! Almost all of us have experienced a headache at some point in our lives but when plagued with them on a frequent basis life can feel debilitating. Migraines are a neurological disorder that cause severely intense pain commonly accompanied by visual disorders and nausea. Migraine headaches are the 3rd most