7 Tips to Stay Hydrated

7 Tips to Stay Hydrated During St. Louis Summers Tomorrow is technically the first day of summer, but in St. Louis, we have already experienced summer-like temperatures. How are you going to beat the heat this summer? One extremely important thing to keep in mind while you are on vacation, enjoying the pool or barbecuing

New year 2017

The New Year typically brings “resolutions.” Eat healthier. Exercise more. Spend less. Most resolutions relate to living a healthier lifestyle. So how are you going to get back to the gym if you can barely get out of bed without pain? The key to getting back to exercise is to first get out of pain. If you are struggling

2016 Year in Review

2016 Year in Review: It has been an exciting year for us at Smart Pain Solutions. We’ve had a new addition to our massage staff and some record-breaking months!New Addition: In August we hired Alice. Alice is a massage therapist by day, registered nurse by night! Alice works in the trauma and general surgery unit