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Chiropractic Care of Missouri

Chiropractic can come in many different shapes and sizes. When looking for chiropractic care in St. Louis it is important to read reviews and ask for recommendations to assure you are seen by a provider who is suited to help with your specific needs. 

At Smart Pain Solutions, we focus on providing conservative solutions to musculoskeletal problems. The most common conditions we treat include forms of neck pain, low back pain, and headaches. Our approach treats the muscles and joints, as well as the underlying conditions causing your painful presentation.

Most chiropractors are attempting to relieve pain and get to the source of the problem to reduce the chances of your symptoms returning. Most use various forms of adjusting and muscle treatments to accomplish this. Here are some of the techniques we utilize at Smart Pain Solutions

Chiropractic Techniques Offered

Diversified Adjusting: This is the technique most people are familiar with. Diversified adjusting usually results in a “crack” or “pop.” It is very safe despite what some might say. When a joint is adjusted in this was a small amount of gas is released causing the audible “pop.” When this gas is released it allows the joint to move more freely with less pain.

  • Flexion-Distraction Technique: This method is often the preferred method for herniated discs or with patients who may have contraindications to getting their lumbar spine audibly adjusted. It is very safe and very effective at treating disc pain.
  • Low Force Adjusting: There are several techniques in this category. Some of the ones we utilize at Smart Pain Solutions include Activator, SOT, and Cranial-Sacral Techniques. These options are great for individuals who do not tolerate more traditional chiropractic techniques.
  • Myofascial Techniques: The muscles are very important when treating joint conditions. Incorporating techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching, and others are imperative to comprehensively treat most musculoskeletal conditions.
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