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Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in a woman’s life. But with pregnancy, comes a whole slew of physiological and hormonal changes. These changes can lead to symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscular imbalances, labored breathing, reflux, etc. The list goes on and on. Chiropractic is a safe, non-invasive form of healthcare that can be extremely beneficial to an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy. It is a conservative way to address common pregnancy-related problems such as postural changes, ligament laxity, and muscular imbalances; which are the main causes of the above-mentioned symptoms.

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Our approach to treating pregnant women.

Dr. Sarah is certified and proficient in the Webster Technique, which is the primary technique used on pregnant women. Webster Technique is a specific, low-force chiropractic procedure that aims to balance and strengthen the pelvic floor musculature, stabilize the pelvic joints, and free fascial (connective tissue) restrictions to allow proper movement and positioning of the baby. The goal is to promote a natural, easier birthing process.

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Headaches associated with pregnancy:

During the first trimester of pregnancy, one might experience headaches. This is most often due to hormonal changes and increased blood circulation throughout the body. These headaches can be aggravated by stress and poor posture.

An increase in headaches during the third trimester of pregnancy is likely due to postural changes, increased muscle tension, and increased stress on the joints.

This is a direct result of the increased weight the mother is now carrying.
Chiropractic care aims to improve posture and correct muscle imbalances, as well as promote proper joint function. Since most medications are off-limits while pregnant, chiropractic care is the perfect solution in many cases.

After Pregnancy – Pediatrics Chiropractor Information:
Many people think chiropractic care is just for adult conditions such as back pain and headaches. What they don’t know is that children can greatly benefit from chiropractic care as well. I know what you are thinking; my child doesn’t have back pain, why would I bring them to a chiropractor? Well, the answer is EVERYONE can benefit from chiropractic care.



Neck pain is the second most common condition seen in a chiropractic office. Common causes include things such as posture, an injury, and arthritis. The doctors will discuss the onset, symptoms, and pain patterns to determine what assessments can and should be done.


Combination of Dry needling, Active Release through jaw, suboccipitals, upper trapezius muscles, manual stretching and mobilization of jaw, Chiropractic adjustment through neck and upper back. Trial of care 2x/week for 2 weeks. Additional self management strategies such as a night guard or stretching may be recommended depending on the case. 


Postural assessments, palpation, possibly X-rays, and tests of motion and mobility will be done to diagnose where the neck pain is coming from and why.


During treatment some progress/change should be noted at each visit. If no progress is being made after 2-3 visits a re-evaluation may be necessary leading to a change in plan. If the treatment is working, visits may extend past 2 weeks to achieve maximum medical improvement.

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