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Prolonged Sitting & Improper Posture

Workplace Stressors

Many chronic aches, pains, and injuries develop as a result of repetitive stresses occurring in the workplace. Office workers typing on the computer all day, line workers twisting back and forth handling products, and warehouse employees who constantly bend over are just a few examples of professions that require repetitive motions throughout the day. Repeatedly going through the same actions day in and day out places stress on many joints of the body. If a person is constantly repeating the same movements, they are continuously over working for the same muscular groups. While over working muscles groups during one particular motion, other muscles become neglected, creating an imbalance of the spine.

Desk posture, standing desk


This is the perfect example of workplace stress & spinal imbalance. This person is overusing the muscles in the back of his/her neck, making them overactive and tense while at the same time inhibiting the muscles in the front of his/her neck, making them weak and inactive. Over time, this person likely will suffer from daily neck pain and headaches.

In today’s world, this is a common situation. People attribute their neck pain and headaches to stress when really it has to do with posture and ergonomics. A good chiropractor can help restore your posture and guide you with tips to reduce future symptoms.  

Standing Strong: Navigating Workplace Stressors & Postural Aging

In the hustle & bustle of the modern workplace, where stress and sedentary lifestyles have become increasingly intertwined, finding a a balance between career demands and personal health becomes our supreme objective. Join us as we dive into this work-life equilibrium by exploring posture as we age, correct seated positions, and how standing desks could be the future for well-being in the workplace. These past few months we have created and cleaned up a variety of informative blog postings that further explain these phenomena. 

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