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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care spans a broad spectrum of techniques and philosophy.

Dr. Robert “Bo” Andel’s approach, first and foremost involves pain relief through muscle work and manipulation. When a person is injured the muscles react by splinting around the damaged joint in a protective manner. This limits the amount of natural motion within a specific joint, leaving the patient feeling stiff and limited in their range of motion.

When Dr. Andel adjusts the spine or treats a muscle spasm, he does so in an attempt to free-up restricted motion segments, allowing the joint to move and function normally.

There are many different variations of treatment. Dr. Andel handles each case individually and selects the treatment that best suits each situation based on your initial examination.

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Joshua Paul Mullins
Joshua Paul Mullins
May 6, 2022.
Every time I visit they take great care of me! The massage is relaxing and Dr. Sarah does a fantastic job getting all the knots out and loosing up my back and neck. I have always left their office feeling less tense and smiling. If you’re looking for great chiropractic work, definitely go see Dr. Sarah, you won’t regret it.
hong zheng
hong zheng
April 2, 2022.
Dr.Bo is a very caring and professional chiropractor. I like his office setup and all other people who work in the office. Due to the insurance problem I have to choose the other chiropractor for years. Recently I injured my back. The pain was very severe. I decided to go back to Dr Bo again. I feel the difference and I know I'm in a good hand. Thanks Dr. Bo!!!
Tammy Landis
Tammy Landis
March 29, 2022.
Dr Sarah is very informative,thorough, and truly cares about her patients.
Shannon I
Shannon I
February 17, 2022.
I got my neck adjusted yesterday and a headache I had been battling for 2 days went away immediately. The entire staff here is professional and super friendly, and they work together to facilitate the most effective care to get people feeling their best. They offer a lot of different things like massage, acupuncture, heat/ice, even pregnancy and baby care. I can see why they come so highly recommended!

Physical Examinations

DOT Physicals

Smart Pain Solutions is your easiest option for DOT Physicals in the St. Louis area. We have flexible hours, including Saturdays, to get you in, out, and quickly back on the road.  We are conveniently located right off interstate 70 in Bridgeton. DOT Physicals are a simple check-up to keep us all safe and to make sure (and to keep) you healthy. Click below to learn more about pricing and program options for business owners. 

Other Physicals

Smart Pain Solutions is your easy one stop shop for Sports Physicals, Pre-Employment Physicals, Annual Physicals and Drug Screening. We have flexible hours to get you in quickly and are conveniently located right off interstate 70 in Bridgeton. Give us a call 314-298-1400, so you can get in, get out, and get back to your day. 

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