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Persistent Hand Numbness & Tingling (Case Study)


50 year old Caucasian female presented to our office with left hand “numbness and tingling” that began about 4 months prior with no mechanism of injury. The patient was diagnosed with a “pinched nerve” in her neck. The patient was prescribed physical therapy by her primary care doctor and was compliant with PT treatment for 4 weeks, but showed no improvement in symptoms.

Physical Examination:
Posture: forward rolled shoulders, forward head posture
Range of Motion: Decreased cervical (neck) spine range of motion
Increased muscular tension in the neck, upper back and chest regions
Spinal restrictions throughout the upper back and neck
Treatment Plan:
Chiropractic adjustments and myofascial treatment (massage) for 2xs/week for 3 weeks.
After 3 treatments, patient reported decreased “tension” in upper back and neck, and a decrease in frequency and severity of hand “numbness and tingling.”

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