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Case of the Month: February 2017

A middle-aged male patient presented to our office reporting “severe sciatica” that began two days prior with no mechanism of injury. The patient had a history of intermittent Low Back Pain since beginning a desk job two years ago, “but it was never this intense and it never went into the leg.” Pain was so bad, the patient had to sleep sitting up on the couch. Sitting, laying down, even walking aggravated the pain.The patient had never been to a chiropractor. At his first visit, we started with massage and electrical stimulation, though the patient was too uncomfortable to finish either treatment. The patient tolerated his first adjustment well but did not notice significant improvement post-treatment. Two days later the patient returned and was able to complete massage, electric stimulation, and the adjustment with little aggravation. On his third visit, just four days after the initial treatment, the patient reported significant improvement, allowing him to sleep comfortably in his bed and to walk with out pain. The patient announced he was a “true believer” of chiropractic care.

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