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Are You Exercising Regularly?

Everyone knows that regular exercise provides a ton of benefits, yet many of us struggle to do it. Why is that? It’s not a shortage of information since most of us have instant access to a whole lot of information with the swipe of a finger. There has literally been no better time to have been born than now with respect to getting answers and finding information, still less than a quarter of Americans get the minimum amount of exercise according to the Centers for Disease Control
Maybe it’s too much information? There is some evidence that too much information overwhelms us to the point of not being able to make a decision. That is a valid point and is called analysis paralysis, we choose nothing because there are too many options/too much information. This is a concern because how are you supposed to choose from the 6 pack abs program, the keto diet, crossfit, or any number of programs or services that are out there. 
And these examples don’t even begin to touch the hundreds of other reasons it’s hard for us to exercise regularly. So here are a couple of ways to help you get started with an exercise program and stick with it for the long term.

3 Tips

  1. Make A Decision- With the pure volume of information that exists you have to decide to decide.  Set it in your mind that you will make a decision no matter how many options are available.  It seems sort of obvious but knowing you must make a decision eliminates the analysis paralysis.  Reduce the number of options to the top two or three if you have to, just know you have to choose one.
  2. Reduce for Success- Usually we want immediate results so we set goals that are really hard to maintain, like I’ll exercise for an hour 6 days a week.  That’s just not sustainable long term for most anybody especially if you have any sort of life responsibilities.  So back the goal down to something that will allow you to win and maintain it for a period of time, at least 6 months, before you increase it.
  3. Find Something you Enjoy- Or at least find something you don’t hate.  This is critical for long term success.  If you hate running, you probably won’t do it for long before you quit.  If you hate yoga, you probably won’t do it for long before you quit.  Maybe you love tennis or maybe you don’t mind lifting weights, whatever it is if you find some joy in it you are far more likely to continue doing it.

Next Step

If you are ready to get started with an exercise program or are looking to add a few simple strength exercises to your current routine then check out the link below. The 3×3 Simple Strength workout is a simple resource that doesn’t overwhelm you with information, has short easy to understand workouts, and is a great way to get more activity in that will help build some strength. 
It it is not full solution that will aid in fat loss or ripped abs. It won’t get you toned or lean, because I believe we should embrace our workouts as a way to build strength and move better, not as a way to lose weight. Far too often a program has overhyped promises that do nothing but let us down. This is not that program.

In Closing

If this sounds like it’s your kind of program, you can download the ebook for free January 13th-16th, or for those of you like me that prefer a physical book you can purchase the paperback version as well. And if you like this book please do me a favor and leave a review, I would appreciate it.

I am also reachable through my website for questions. One other thing, always make sure your body is ready to jump into a new program. If you are having any aches and pains, now is also a good time to reach out to your St. Louis chiropractor or physical therapist to get your body right heading into the new year.  
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About the Author

Ian Fagala has spent the last 20 years in the gym testing and experimenting in order to deliver battle-tested strategies to keeping you fit and active.  He has helped thousands take control of their health and live healthier lives.  He has a Masters Degree in Sport Science and Rehabilitation and specializes in helping busy guys get active.  By helping people focus on behavior and habits he is able to break down exercise and nutrition into simple achievable goals that deliver big results.  

You can learn more about him at

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