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United Healthcare Community Plan Introduction

United Healthcare is now offering a new insurance plan that you or someone you know may be eligible for. The new plan is called the “UHC Community Plan” and is offered statewide in Missouri. Applicants may qualify based on income, disability or other factors. Most Missouri residents who qualify for Medicaid should also qualify for the “Community Plan.”

The Community Plan offers a variety of health care benefits for children, families, pregnant women and other adults who meet the income requirement, have disabilities or who have special needs. The plan is designed to offer better health care to those in need at a discounted rate.  

Some of the basic benefits the Community Plan offers are unlimited office visits with a (in-network) primary care physician, routine vaccines, and diagnostic lab tests and x-rays.

More benefits include:

  • Pregnancy care- prenatal visits, choice of (in-network) hospitals, birth centers, and doctors
  • Hospitalization- inpatient care in hospitals are (usually) covered
  • Vision/ Dental- routine exams, eye glasses/contacts, teeth cleanings are covered
  • In-home medical equipment and care- safety equipment, supplies and in-home assistance
  • Chiropractic care- up to 6 visits per year are covered with an in-network chiropractor

Dr. Bo and Dr. Sarah are “in-network” with the United Healthcare Community Plan. If you are already a member of the UHC Community Plan and would like to know your chiropractic benefits, please call Melissa at (314) 298-1400.

For more information on eligibility and enrollment in the United Health Care Community Plan visit


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